What the Shell

What the Shell (iPhone/iPad)


Victory is ever sweeter when it’s stolen from your opponent’s hands!


What the Shell is a new kind of board game that gives you amazing satisfaction. Oh No, this ain’t your traditional static five-in-a-row game, but an original invention that is fast-paced, deeply strategic and dynamic. Nothing is inevitable, and the game is never won or lost until the very last moment.

What the Shell screenshot

Our unique twist of simultaneous play makes every turn exciting and unpredictable. If both players go for the same space, a neutral egg blocks the space. The players can capture each other’s turtles, which also allows them to claim a neutral egg. This encourages aggressive play and makes for dynamic back-and-forth gameplay.

Enjoy the look on your friend’s face when your capture leads to a chain combo that devastates their beautifully set up position. What the Shell’s simple yet deep gameplay will keep you on your toes and always coming back for more! Challenge a friend today in this modern battle of wits.

• Dynamic and original gameplay
• Play a friend: on two iPads or even just one
• Practice against the AI
• Gorgeous graphics and music
• Online play coming soon
• English, German and Esperanto