Poker Solitaire

This addictive and easy-to-learn solitaire game will have you making poker hands all over the place.

“Unexpected fun! The concept was very intuitive and easy… it has helped me to relax quite often.” -Day of the OUYA

“I like that game play is faster than other solitaire games. I can fit in a little fun without committing a large chunk of time.” -Stephanie Major

Try Ludisto’s unique new twist on this beloved classic, Poker Solitaire (or Poker Squares). Ludisto’s original innovations on the classic formula makes it even more fun and challenging. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, our interactive tutorial eases you right in.

You can finish a game in minutes: perfect for a quick break. Or binge with the addictive gameplay and watch your strategy evolve. Brag on Facebook and Twitter, and once you’ve mastered Ludisto’s original scoring system, mix things up with the American scoring system in our Premium version, along with other goodies.

Just play it and love it.

• Undo once per game
• 2 scoring systems
• Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter
• Traditional, simple and 4-color playing cards
• 5 eye-popping backgrounds and 4 mind-blowing music tracks
• English, Esperanto, French, German, Spanish

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