WARNING: This iPhone keyboard requires iOS 8. It seems to work relatively well on the iPad, but we cannot guarantee that, so buy it for your iPad at your risk!

Finally, a real Esperanto keyboard for your iPhone! Also, don’t let autocorrect annoy you any longer when you type on a non-Esperanto keyboard. Quickly and easily type all the special Esperanto characters in every app without a problem! Now you can use your iPhone in Esperanto like you always wanted. Please note that due to technical limitations of iOS, we need to include a banner above the keyboard, so we decided to put our logo there.

  • type in Esperanto in every iPhone app
  • autocorrect is disabled in Esperanto

Your financial support will help us be able to keep improving this keyboard and continue bringing great indie titles to you. Try our other games today: What the Shell, Poker Solitaire and Word Race!

Privacy Policy

None of your keystrokes are ever saved or sent over the network. In fact, the iOS privacy settings chosen for the app guarantee this.